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Crazy Claw Crab Fly (top/bottom shell & claw only)

Crazy Claw Crab Fly (top/bottom shell & claw only)

Introducing the Crazy Claw, a revolutionary fly tying material that will take your creations to the next level. This unique material features a textured, claw-like appearance that adds an incredible lifelike dimension to your flies. The Crazy Claw is perfect for creating realistic crustacean imitations, making it a must-have for any serious fly tyer. Made from durable materials, it is easy to work with and incredibly versatile for all your fly tying needs.  Crazy Claw is sure to attract the attention of even the most finicky fish.

  • Just a heads up..

    There is no hook, eyes, ect. These are made at my home and may not be perfect. They are sold as 10 sets, but I try to put in 12 sets just in case one or two have a defect I didn't catch. 

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