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Pushing Foot for Paddle Board Paddle
  • Pushing Foot for Paddle Board Paddle

    Introducing the Pushing Foot for Paddle Board Paddle - the perfect accessory for sightcasting on the water. This 3D printed foot is made of durable PETG plastic, making it ideal for all-day use in the sun without warping or damage. Designed to keep your paddle on top of the mud, this pushing foot is great for silently navigating through muddy backlakes or along shorelines while sightcasting. Simply attach it to your paddle board paddle and enjoy effortless and quiet movement on the water. Upgrade your fishing experience with this versatile and reliable pushing foot.

    • Care and return

      This is a plastic 3d printed foot. It's made of petg, so feel free to leave it in the sun all day. It can take a lot of pressure, but not a lot of shock. So push as hard as you want, but try to avoid dropping it on concrete, or hitting anything solid. If you break it, I'd like to know how..but I'll probably print you a new one.

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